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Monday, March 6th, 2006
7:24 pm
One of the few times I cast Arack as a villian
A shimmering blue circle appears and expands within an inn, violently throwing aside all those who stand in its area. A man stalks out, head thrust aggressively forward; shoulders raised slightly, an aura of fear and menace surrounds him. This is Arack.

Following Arack is a woman walking arrogantly, haughtily if you will. Her entire being seems to scream, “Despot!” at the top of its lungs. This is Riksha.

After Riksha follows Jake, cool and suave, hair greased and slicked back. A pistol rests on either hip.

At the end of the line is Lilia, cool, confident, neither arrogant nor humble, but just being. Her blue eyes are currently glowing a light blue due to the magical effort needed to open a Gate into the Nexus of All Possible Worlds – the Training Ground for the members of the religious order she belongs to – and her homeland.

One of the denizens of this world raises himself to his feet after having been flung aside by the Gate. He moves, slowly and silently towards the group, intended violence in every bit of this green-skinned humanoid’s self. Jake shivers as he feels the waves of anger flowing from the orc, and he spins, pistols drawn. He sights the orc and his fingers jerk convulsively, a spray of bullets zipping through the air and slamming into the orc. The orc’s body twitches and falls, dead, a pool of green blood spilling out from under its body.

Arack turns to regard the dead body and the slowly advancing friends of the dead orc with contempt in his eyes. “Fools! Begone with yourselves, before I unleash some Thrltokian wrath!” he rages, the desire to kill evident on his face.

The friends, all three of them, laugh and draw their straight steel swords from their sheaths. Arack shakes his head in a dismissive gesture and closes his eyes. A few moments later, when the orcs are almost on top of him, he raises his hand and his eyes snap open, a green glow flaring from within. Three balls of a highly corrosive, acid-like substance fly from his hands and smash into the orcs’ faces. All three orcs scream in unison, falling to the ground as the substance eats through their flesh and skulls.

Arack shakes his head and motions for the rest of the group to follow him. They all do, except for Lilia. “Lilia, come along, child,” Arack commands, gently.

Lilia responds with a simple, “No,” and takes a seat at the bar counter, unwilling to be associated with those three anymore than she has to be. ”Go away and leave me be. I’m staying here.”

“If that’s the way you’re going to be, Lilia, I hope you rot!” Riksha whines in an annoyingly nasal voice. “We don’t need you, anyway!” Arack sighs and shakes his head, muttering something about fool women. Luckily, Riksha doesn’t hear him – but Jake does, and starts giggling. Riksha whirls about and glares at the two of them. “What’s so funny, boys? Something I said?” Jake shakes his head in an emphatic no, the giggling suddenly stopped. “Good,” Riksha says, “We’re off!”

The three friends walk out of the inn. The few people left back away from them, hands held up, palms out, in the accepted sign of pacifism.

Lilia sighs and drops her head on the bar-top. The bartender timidly walks over to her, and starts to wash a glass. “Miss, I don’t know who you are, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave the inn,” the bartender says, somewhat hesitantly.

Lilia raises her head, a disgusted grin on her face. “Guilt by association, eh? So be it.” Lilia stands and walks out, leaving a single gold coin on the bar-top.

Once outside, she sniffs the paradoxically clean but dirty air outside. “Ah, the Nexus,” she gushes. “Realm of good and evil combined, magic and technology. Damn, it’s good to be back.” She yawns and bends, cracking her back. “I need a place to spend the night, though. I don’t want to sleep out under the hedges tonight.” Lilia begins walking along the road, hoping to find a farmhouse or an inn or something.

However, the Nexus being what it is, she only finds bars, temples and castles. The sun starts to set, sending its rays of light across the sky. Lilia sighs in resignation and walks to the nearest building, “The Fingers of Life Recruiting Bar.” She knocks on the door and, to her surprise, it falls inward. Lilia shrugs and walks inside, wondering what kind of place this is.

As soon as she enters, she realizes just what kind of place . . . a place that has been visited by Arack and friends. Stains of Arack’s acid cover the walls and various parts of the building have been eaten away. “Thrltok damn him!” Lilia shouts. “He’s causing trouble already!”

An elf peeks its head out from its hiding place. “You know him,” he states bluntly.

“Yes, I know him!” Lilia says, nearly shouting. “He’s a fool named Arack. He’s strong in Emotional Magic, yet has little control over his own. His friends are Jake and Riksha. Jake has guns and empathy. He’s dangerous. Riksha can be dangerous, but usually isn’t. She has the ability to summon beings, which, due to her nature, are usually demonic – but this takes time. They all follow Thrltok, the God of Emotions. As do I.”

The elf narrows his eyes at her. “If you also follow their god, why should we trust you? You’ll likely just attack us, too.”

Lilia frowns and stamps her foot in frustration. “Guilt by association again, eh? The people here in the Nexus seem to have grown foolish. Why did I want to return? Ugh!” Lilia stamps her foot again and starts walking out of the Recruiting Bar.

“Wait!” the elf cries, seeming to have had a change of heart. “What do you mean by ‘The Nexus’? This is just another place, isn’t it?”

Lilia looks at the golden-skinned elf with wide eyes. “You don’t know what the Nexus is? I thought everyone did. The Nexus is the meeting place of all possible worlds. It’s where everything collides. It can be wonderful . . . at least, it was wonderful to a younger me.” Lilia sighs nostalgically.

The elf frowns in confusion, then shakes his head. “I guess it doesn’t matter. Can you help us capture this Arack?”

Lilia nods an affirmative. “Yes, I can.”
Tuesday, January 31st, 2006
10:26 pm
Lock and Load
Urliche looked at the note on the door, his eyes brushing past the signature. A loud click was heard as he drew back the slides on both of the .50's, "So...Master Choo needs help, he's got my shoulder to lean on...". Urliche began to walk away, his black combat boots kicking up no dust, and making no sound. Suddenlly he dissapeared into the night, not before turning and unloading a single round into the center of the note. His voice carried on the winds from all directions, "Let's go...another adventure waits, and I'm getting restless."

Current Mood: accomplished
Monday, January 30th, 2006
11:20 pm
A Note Tacked To The Door Of The PMoD Hall
"To whoever is kind:
I need your help. This is a very important matter. Please contact me.
-Arack Choo Adore Darkshade"
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