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Lock and Load

Urliche looked at the note on the door, his eyes brushing past the signature. A loud click was heard as he drew back the slides on both of the .50's, "So...Master Choo needs help, he's got my shoulder to lean on...". Urliche began to walk away, his black combat boots kicking up no dust, and making no sound. Suddenlly he dissapeared into the night, not before turning and unloading a single round into the center of the note. His voice carried on the winds from all directions, "Let's go...another adventure waits, and I'm getting restless."
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As Urliche walked away from the Hall, Arack rose up from the ground. He had been waiting there in his slime form for some person to help him out. "Hey, Urliche! Follow me, fellah!" Arack then turns around, and runs through a suddenly open portal into what appears to be a living room/den.
Urliche didn't even turn, his neural receptors picking up on Arack's voice. The 360 degree camera in his helmet giving him a clear view at the portal, a quick thrust of his legs sent sailing in the right direction. Urliches form wasn't so much cloaked as it seemed to others that they were looking through a crystal or cracked glass. The invisible youth slid too a stop in the room, looking around just as his body began to fade into perfect view. Removing the helmet, it's three green eyes still glowing "Wow...Where are we Master Choo?"

A simple questions thought Urliche, with none to simple answers.
"Well, we're in my house. My living room, for that matter. Feel priviledged, young man. Very, very few have ever come here." Arack nods. "Yup, priviledged...anyway.
My daughter has been kidnapped. You remember those people who attacked us at the Hall? They did some...research on my past. Ah, heh. You know of the three people who make up who I am? They, ah. Heh. Found my weak point. Discovered where one of them came from. Ah, well. I can't go there. I'd lose my coherence as a person, ya know? Revert to my three forms. Heh. Yeah. Bad news, all around. Anyway. Can you go get her? I will warn you, if you have any powers, they'll be, ah, what's the word? Sealed. Yeah. Sealed. You'll either have to earn them or go without. It's a strange world. Also - it's a place of Emotions. It'll...exaggerate your Emotions. Make you more prone to everything.
Just so ya know. Can ya do it? Don't know what I can offer you in return, but I've got a lot of power - here, at least.
Oh, and her name is Tessa. Don't know why they took her and not Laura, who is my flesh and blood. Tessa is more like me in spirit, though. She's your half-aunt? Yeah. Half-aunt. Donny's half-sister. Your family, sorta."
While Arack spoke, Urliche was trying to locate exactlly where he was and mark it on a planer map. Donovan would be a very happy man to find out where Arack lived. The young warrior was also impressed at the way Arack had constructed his home, it actually reminded him of the Citadel back home. It then occured to Urliche that Donovan and Arack were not that different, their powers were almost equal, and their designs seemed to be similair. "Sure Master Choo, I'm in. First off I suggest you give me a little backround on what I will be facing, and who is my best option at getting close to my target." Urliche switched directlly into commander mode, searching in his suits database about the attackers who had come one already to the hall. "I will also need a picture or item that was owned by Tessa, it will help in the hunt." Urliche nodded and began to plan out what things he would need to bring. "Communication might be an issue too, my suit can broadcast psychic info across a few planes, but...with you...that seems impossible." Urliche nodded, he had already tested Arack's mental barriers as much as he could without being noticed, and found them very very solid. "Is this plane we about to go too, is it like those people? Will I need to bring a different layout of weapons, or will this sufice?" Urliche spread open his coat, and there hanging as usual were the six pistols. On his back was no doubt strapped the OICW, and a very large looking rifle wrapped in bandages. "In short....everything you know. I need to know. Now."
((I will role-play the Sword of Emotions danger warnings.))

Arack laughed when Urliche mentioned the impossibility of psychic communication. "Yeah, that'll be impossible." Arack holds out his hand, palm up, on which lies a non-descript chain, and a cheap-looking fish pendant. "This is Tessa's power focus. The Aes Sedai got it from her, or they would never have gotten her.
As to who to contact, well, I suggest you start at the Temple of Thrltok - the God of Emotions. Show them this." With his other hand, Arack holds out a sword, hilt-first. The blade is four feet long, and it is one-handed. The pommel is rounded, with many small blue gems of no discernable type. On the crossguard is a raised section, with an eyeball, now closed. It's been closed for the last few years. There are words surrounding the eye: "The Power of Emotions" on one side, and on the other: "Made Metal". The entire thing is surrounded by a soft blue light. "This is my sword. Use it well. It will warn you of danger - you'll know where it's coming from, but not necessarily what the danger is. Also, it won't let you die. It'll protect you against death, but...yeah." Arack sighs.
"The Zats are the guardians of the temple. You'll know them by this." Arack's body shifts and his hair is multi-colored, he is much taller, and there are lightning bolt tattoos on each cheek. "They look like this. At least, the lightning bolt part. I don't know if they'll be able to help you, but it certainly is worth a shot." Arack nods again, and waves his hand. Yes, a third hand. A shimmering portal opens up onto an empty plain. "There is a town not too distant from here. That's the only part of that world where it is close to the Nexus. I wish you luck, my friend."
He took the chain and pendant in one swift grab, his suit studying it and displaying it's info in his HUD. "I see, so this is the only way she can focus her power, interesting" Urliche wished he had more time to study the device, but the information his suit presented was good enough for now. As Arack spoke about the temple and the land, Urliche's suit began to create a virtual battlefield and landscape, placing things in designated locations based on how Arack described them. A few simple thoughts from it's master and the suit started to create a objectives list based on the importance and level of danger. It wasn't until the sword came out that Urliche focused his full attention on the man infront of him. A soft gasp came from the oxygen cycling system built into his helmet. Urliche was shivering as he grasped the hilt. The young man couldnt believe he was holding onto one of PMoD's greatest legendary weapons. All the files Urliche had on the guild's weaponry began to flood into his brain. He swung effortlessly, his stances would be familiar to Arack, as they were copies of his own. Switching between guild members fighting styles, he finally slid to a stop, sheathing the sword next to the two rifles on his back. "It's an honor Master Choo" Urliche bowed as he spoke. Urliche regained his stance, his body rigid like that of a solider at attention. As Arack continued to describe The Zat's, Urliches suit took over once more, taking snapshot from every angle of Aracks changed form. These photos would come in handy, so would the suit recording of Aracks voice pattern. Though Urliche didn't like doing these things without Lord Choo's permission, they were needed for the mission.

As the portal appeared next too the two, Urliche finally let out a longer blast of used oxygen. "Master Choo, thank you for trusting me with such a mission," Urliche was truely happy that he could once agian do what he loved so much "even though you and my father say PMoD is disbanded I will do my best, as if I were a member of the guild you loved." With that Urliche nodded and dashed through the portal.


As soon as Urliche entered the new plane, a million things seemed to happen at once. His suit began to calculate the percentage of completion, and how long it would take to actually complete the mission. Most of the results, to Urliches dislike, came back inconclusive. Looking around, he checked for lifeforms. A heartbeat tracker, heat sensors, ion detectors, and carbon life form senors began working all at once. His suit registering all humanoid things in a mile radius as enemies, though their threat level was extremely low. Activating his liquid-camo, he became a living form of shattered glass. If people saw him, they would believe as if they were gazing at a shattered mirror of the landscape. Urliche brought up his planer communications array, the first dial was too Donovans flagship, the Predator Reborn. "This is Lord Captain Urliche Baine," Urliches voice sounded much older, both in person and through communications "I need the Predator to planeswalk to my location, and remain in planer orbit, await further orders. Out" Urliche received just a few simples click and a short buzz as the Predators commander sent back his reply that they would be there shortly. This close too the nexus it wouldnt be more then half a day, and with the Predator in orbit, Urliche could call down a Planer Bombardment or Artillery Strike if needed. "Time to get a move on" a quick motion of his arm brought his OICW in front of him. With silent footsteps he began to move towards the village.
As Urliche steps through the portal, Arack reverts to his normal form - that of a completely normal looking man, plain in every way.
He giggles, and sits down in his comfy chair, a computer desk appearing in front of him. The monitor has a speaker attached to either side, and the face of it is defaced with burns and scorch marks, not to mention various cuttings - "I was here!" and "ACF" - and a few stickers. As the computer boots up, Arack drinks from his mug of wine. "Man, this is gonna be some good stuff."
Fully booted, Arack clicks Start>Programs>Games>Xa'alum>DM Tools and starts to play.


A man, completely psi-shielded and invisible, appears seemingly out of nowhere behind Urliche. He looks like a Zat, as Arack showed it to Urliche, except he seems to be in his fifties. He does nothing unfriendly to Urliche, however from him emanate feelings of contentment and peace. He can feel the emotions in Urliche - or the seeming lack thereof - and he does not like this. Nor does he like how this man showed up so suddenly, with so little warning. Urliche feels "off" to this old Zat.
All he does is follow Urliche - he presents no danger to him, therefore the Sword does not react.
A sudden burst of dust kicked up in front of the old Zat, a fraction of a second later the cold muzzle of Urliche OICW was aiming at the back of the Zats head. "Old man," Urlice was pissed "you snuck up on the wrong guy, at the wrong time." Urliche pushed the muzzle harder aginst the mans skull, his senors showing that before this incident the man had been perfectlly calm, which too tell the truth, annoyed the hell out of Urliche. Why wasn't he afraid? Why didn't this old man fear Donovans Shadow? Urliche pushed the thoughts out of his head, as they just seemed to crawl and grow on one another, making him more frustrated. Slowing his own breathing and heart rate, Urliche resumed his interogation, this time using Arack's voice. "Old One, I have been sent here to find a person special too me, show me too the temple." Urliche spoke this as a command rather then a suggestion, his suit showed that this man posed a -.05% threat rating. Lowering the gun slowly, Urliche held out his hand from behind, the pendant and necklace falling down from an invisible palm for the man too see. "This is hers," Urliche snarled softly in Aracks tone "now take me to the temple." The pendant vanished, but Urliche himself appeared fully infront of the man, uncloaked and holding Arack's sword infront of him, point downward. The gleaming, faceless black plate showed only three glowing eyes on it's right side, all three of them including the invisible laser watched the old Zat, awaiting his reaction.
Throughout the entire time Urliche is moving, the Zat stays silent and still. He had made peace with his gods long ago - what could this young man do to him?
However, when he sees the Sword of Emotions, his eyes widen. "By Thrltok, boy, how did you get that?" As he speaks, the words are simultaneously sent in a telepathic message to Urliche. The man focuses his aura of peace and calm into a stream sent at Urliche, attempting to make him not feel threatened or angry or any such thing that might provoke this man's quick death. Although you'd be surprised how quickly an old man - especially an old Zats - could move.
Urliche's adrenal flow began to slow, and his heart rate dropped a few beats. His suit took notice, and suddenlly began to display multiple warning messages about the threat level and identification of the Zat standing infront of him. The suit clearly understood that Master Choo had designated these people a threat, it couldnt understand why Urliche was forcing himself to calm down. The words flowing from the Zat's mouth reached Urliche, obviously through the suits receptors, though the telepathic messages shattered on the boys vault like mind. Stil using the suits verbal masking to mimic Master Choo's voice, "This is my sword," Urliche matched his speech patern to a very convincing sounding Arack "and has been for a while." Urliche itched to put the swords away, but instead, swung it around a few times testing the blade before the old Zat. First was Pig Wallows in Mud, followed into The Crane Stance, finishing finally with Lunge of the Beast. Urliche brought the blade calmly back infront of him, his mimicry over the styles could be considered masterfull. "Now, once agian" Urliche lifted the pendant as he spoke "do you recognize this?"
Continuing to radiate calm and to speak both verbally and telepathically, the Zat says, "Boy, I know that is not your sword. That belongs to the Unnameable One, who you are not. Although he *did* give it to you, so I will help you.
"Whose pendant is that?
"I will help you, but you'll have to be less cautious around me. And violence is a no-no unless we're attacked first." The Zats nods towards the sword. "That'll tell you when and where to attack. I'm sure the Unnameable One told you that. So chill out, relax, whatever. Seems like we're gonna have a lot of work to do."
Urliche blinked. Did he just say to relax? To be calm? Not to attack first? Shit, this guy must either be insane or just plain stupid. "I never said we were working together, I said you will take me to the place I need to go" Urliche had cut back to his own voice now, the suit regulating a quick hiss of oxygen. "Mr.Choo gave me this pendant and this sword, I must find his daughter, who to answer your question is the owner of this pendant" Urliche looked around, his gaze falling in the direction of the town. "If you wish to join me, then you-" Urliches voice cut off suddenlly, his body falling to the ground. The boys armor covered body made quick spastic movements, and cries in another language escaped from it's speakers. As soon as it had started it was over, the boy was still breathing, but his body still shuddered and shook occasionally. In a soft whisper the young boy spoke.."Father...brothers...why..." and with that he faded into a deep black sleep.
The Zats speaks to the prone form. "You could kill me - but then you'd fail. There's only one of me. As there is only one Unnameable One and one High Reasoner. I'm the balance." The old man sits down to wait for the boy to awaken.
Urliche moaned and rolled on the ground, once then agian. Looking up at the sky his HUD began to check his vitals as it came back on. His suits power structure restarted and his muscles and bones were once agian pumped full with dark mana and a mix of very lethal drugs. Urliches head was a mess, a mixture of good and bad thoughs raced through his mind. The super computer that was his head recalled past situations, past emotions that werent even his own. It took a minute, but finally the boy sat up and looked at the old Zat. "Failure isn't an option, I know this" Urliche was still pretty pissed, but not so much at the Zat and more so at his father. Standing up quickly his "Shard" camo field came back online, his body dissapearing into the broken void of warped light. "We just lost our air support" Urliche looked upward, his eyes scanning seemingly clear skies "my father pulled the Predator out of planer orbit. I can't see it, or reach it on the com." His father had never done this before, unless something had come up, and Urliche was sure something HAD indeed come up. "Ok. Here is the plan old man. We go to that town, you do the talking, I will remained cloaked. We can gather intel faster that way if the people talk to someone from their own area." Urliche's brain was still processing alot of thoughts and emotions right now, the computer half of him trying to delete them as fast as they came. His plan might not be the best in the world, but with the strain that was just put on him, it was all he could come up with right now. He pulled out one of his Glock 18's and with a quick flick of his wrist, screwed a silencer onto it. "Lets move", the young boy began walking toward the town, the further be got from the man, the harder it was too see him. Just the way he liked it.
The old man shook his head. "Boy, you aren't so unnatural that the people in the nearby Zats town won't know where you are and essentially what you intend. This is a different world. You're going to have to trust me."
The old man heads off to the town.


The town is your basic medieval city, full of shops and houses and chickens. As the two walk through it, the people wave to them, and turn back to their own business. "We're headed to the Temple. They'll know what to do. Or try to kill us." The old man shrugs. "Whichever is fine."
Urliche wasn't at all happy with his current state of being. What was the point of having a cloaking device on if he could still be seen. Switching it off, he promptly placed the two Glock 18's in their holsters and continued walking at the same pace as the Old Zat. "Alright then" Urliche spoke in a hushed tone "if they try to kill us, we probably shouldnt let that happen." Urliche's multidirectional cameras showed him a nice 360 degree picture of what was going on in the town around them. So far everything seemed normal enough, and nobody had so much as flinched. His internal computer was evalueating the situational aspects of entering a town like this, as well as the chances of said town raising a defense in case Urliche attacked. So far the numbers didnt come out in their favor, but just as the Old Zat said, not many people even showed a sign of dislike towards the two.

Urliche used this time as they walked wisely and began to figure out a way to adapt his cloaking system to the current situation. Knowing now about the Zats current powers and abilities he slowly formulated a counter-cloaking method based of their ability to track people by emotions. Using most of his subconcious computer to do so, allowed for Urliche to still hold conversation with the Zat. "So, tell me a little about yourself" Urliche spoke in a friendly tone "got any brothers?"
THe old man is silent as they continue through the town to the temple. As they mount its steps, the old Zats nods to the guards. "We're just passing through, fellahs." The guards return the old man's nod. "This isn't really a temple, as it isn't dedicated to either Simon or THrltok. It is, however, a sacred place. Here, you may receive an answer to your question, and perhaps find the daughter of your friend. Perhaps you'll even find more than that."
THe old man shrugs. "Only time and the gods can know that, though."
He sighs. "To answer your question, though, no, I have no siblings. I am a singleton and have never had the joy."
As the two of them enter a large, empty room, the old man stops. "Now, ask what you will and get the answers you need."